Table of Contents



How to use the booklet

Chapter 1: Introduction

Sec. 1: What is process simulation?

Sec. 2: What does SimQuick do?

Sec. 3: How does SimQuick incorporate uncertainty?

Sec. 4: System requirements and “installation”

Chapter 2: Waiting Lines

Sec. 1: Solving a problem with SimQuick

Example 1: A Bank

Modeling the process (with a process flow map)

Entering the model into SimQuick

Interpreting SimQuick results

Improving the process, Variation 1

Improving the process, Variation 2

Sec. 2: Additional waiting line processes

Example 2: A grocery store checkout

Example 3: A call center

Example 4: A fast-food restaurant drive-thru

Sec. 3: Decision Points

Example 5: An airport security system

Example 6: A department of motor vehicles

Example 7: A hospital emergency room

Sec. 4: Advanced SimQuick features

Example 8: Buffer Tracking

Example 9: “Unavailable” elements

Example 10: Changing Distributions

Example 11: Discrete Distributions

Example 12: Resources and Priorities

Chapter 3: Inventory in Supply Chains

Sec. 1: A periodic review inventory policy

Example 13: Grocery store inventory

Sec. 2: Reorder point inventory policies

Example 14: An electronics superstore

Example 15: A warehouse

Example 16: Two stores and a warehouse

Sec. 3: More complex inventory policies

Example 17: An appliance store

Example 18: A department store

Chapter 4: Manufacturing

Sec. 1: Linear flow processes

Example 19: A generic linear flow process

Example 20: A manufacturing cell

Sec. 2: Assembly/disassembly processes

Example 21: Box manufacturing

Sec. 3: Batch and job shop processes

Example 22: Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Example 23: A single machine job shop

Sec. 4: Quality and reliability in processes

Example 24: A quality control station

Example 25: A machine with breakdowns

Chapter 5: Project Management

Example 26: A software development project

Example 27: A house addition project

Appendix 1: The Steps in a Simulation Project

Appendix 2: Enhancing SimQuick with Excel Features

Appendix 3: Scenarios

Appendix 4: Custom Schedules

Appendix 5: SimQuick Reference Manual