Security issues

When you first download SimQuick, your computer may give you a warning, since SimQuick contains macros. If this happens, you’ll have to assure your computer that SimQuick is safe (which it certainly is).

When opening the SimQuick spreadsheet, you may see “Security Warning” with a button labelled “Enable Content” or “Enable Macros.”  You may also see a button labelled “Enable Editing.” In all such cases, just click the button.

If Excel does not allow you to enable or run the SimQuick macros, do the following:

  • For Excel 2003 on a PC: Look under Tools / Macro / Security / Security Level. Set the level to medium.
  • For Excel 2007 or later on a PC: Look under File / Options / Trust Center / Trust Center Setting. Select “Disable all macros with notification.”
  • For Excel 2011 or later on an Apple computer: Look under Excel / Preferences / Security / Macro Security. Select “Warn before opening a file that contains macros.”