Errata / Updates

The following errors were in the original printing of the 3rd edition, which became available on 1/2/2016:

  • On page 110, the output at the top of the page was for the bank model with one teller instead of two.
  • On page 110, the cells in the table for Buffer: Storage contained the correct information, but the table was for an Entrance instead of a Buffer.

These errors were corrected in an updated 3rd edition, which has the date 6/15/2016 on the title page (and became available on 6/21/2016).  Minor changes were also made on page 10 to the Acknowledgments and on page 16 concerning how to deal with security issues.  The new capability of SimQuick to compute sample standard deviations is now referenced on page 107.

All page number references in the table of contents remain the same.

Note: If the default language on your computer is not English, SimQuick may have trouble reading in some numbers. This can be addressed by:

  • Changing the Excel language to English (e.g., on later versions of Excel on PCs, look under File / Options / Language) and/or
  • Changing the system language to English (e.g., look under Settings on PC systems).