The design of SimQuick was inspired by the breakthrough simulation product XCELL, so I want to begin by acknowledging its authors: Richard Conway, William L. Maxwell, John O. McClain, and Steven L. Worona.  Next, I want to thank the editor Tom Tucker at Prentice Hall, who worked with me on the first two editions.  He was indispensable in helping me to define this project and bring it to fruition.  I want to thank the following reviewers for their careful reading and excellent suggestions on a draft of the first edition: Sue Abdinnour-Helm, Arundhati Kumar, Larry Meile, Kelly B. Nichols, Jeffrey L. Rummel, and Billy M. Thornton.  I want to thank Kristin Ann Steffeck for her copy editing on the first edition.  I’d also like to thank the reviewers of the second edition for their thoughtful suggestions based on their classroom use of SimQuick: C.H. Aikens, Stephen N. Chapman, Christos Koulamas, Michael Schwartz, and Billy M. Thornton.  I want to thank my colleagues Lee Krajewski and Hojung Shin for a number of helpful discussions of this project in its early stages and I want to thank my colleagues Yanjun Li, Jerry Wei, and Hong Guo for their suggestions for this third edition.  I also want to thank Robert Maurer, Fazel Hayati, and Jeffery Brach for some very helpful discussions of the third edition.  Finally, I want to thank my many students (executive MBAs, full-time MBAs, and undergraduate business students) of the past 15 years who have made many helpful suggestions during the development of this software and booklet.  In particular, I’d like to single out Douglas Wait, Ben Gaw, Patrick Dahman, Xuejun Zhang, and Katy Delany for their insights.